The Resident by Smug One

a large mural of a man holding a tennis racquet.
Photograph by Creative Collective


Organized by Beyond Walls

Sam Bates aka SMUG or Smug One is an Australian born artist based in Glasgow, Scotland who is known for his photo-realistic murals. SMUG is working entirely freehand, using aerosol cans alone and achieve incredible photorealistic portraits through spray paint.

When Smug came to Lynn, MA, he was determined to paint someone who represents the best of the Lynn community.  Immediately, Beyond Walls knew who that should be.  The mural is of a local resident, named Ferns.  Ferns has been a long time resident and is very active in the community.   Ferns has been a good friend of Beyond Walls for a long time is responsible for a lot of the videography work that we have put together.  Because Smug’s style of work requires him to take the photo of the subject in his artwork himself, Ferns was asked to pose just like you see in the mural.  Interesting fact is that everything in the mural, from the shirt to headphones is what Ferns showed up in for the photo… All except the shoes which belong to Smug, and were lent to Ferns for the photo.  Another interesting fact is that at the time of the installation, Ferns lived in the building, and this piece was later named by Smug, “The Resident.”

Description from Beyond Walls