Beyung Mural @ 150 Market St

a large painting on the side of a building.
Photograph by Beyond Walls


Organized by Beyond Walls

BEYUNG was born in Montreal and was raised as part of a refugee family. His Canadian and Chinese-Cambodian background is a major influence in his work, driving a sense of self-definition in life and his artistic works.

Trained in graphic design, Beyung is aware of the infinite possibilities digital technologies have to offer, while remaining respectful of their aesthetics, preferring intuitive methods allowing for a more abstract picturing, raw lines and deliberate imperfections – an influence taking roots in his past as a graffiti artist.

Between figurative and abstract art, he creates dynamic compositions where he deconstruct forms to give a second approach to an image… an idea….a memory. Among his most recent works include the mural May An Old Songs Open To A New World at the gates of Montreal’s Chinatown and the The Sea Keeper as part of Canada’s 150th and Montreal 375th, which became the first mural produced on a bulk carrier in Canada. The piece recently won an award at the International Corporate Art Award 2017 in Italy.

Beyung has also participated in several exhibitions and festivals including the international Mural Festival and Cambodia Urban Arts in Cambodia. His work is on permanent display at Michel-Ange gallery in Montreal, Canada and at Kbach Gallery in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Beyung works and lives in Montreal

Description from Beyond Walls