Mariela AJRAS Mural @ 136-144 Broad St

a large mural of a woman holding a child on the side of a building.
Photograph by John Andrews - Creative Collective


Organized by Beyond Walls

Mariela AJRAS (1984) is a muralist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been painting murals in several street art festivals in Europe, Mexico and South America since 2014 and has participated in public art projects, collective and solo exhibitions. Her work mainly focuses on the image of women, the question about femininity and collective memory.

Through the exercise of painting, questions that arise are answered through images, which inevitably, end up producing new questions. She has also been teaching mural workshops in different countries. A psychologist as well as an artist, this background influences greatly her work in terms of subject matter and also in the execution of community-oriented workshop that use muralism as a social tool.

Description from Beyond Walls