Lynn Landscape mural by DAST UNO


Organized by Beyond Walls


“Lynn Landscape”

Demakes Family YMCA

Lynn, MA

75ft x 20ft

In September 2020, Colombian artist and designer DAST UNO installed a bright and lively six-story mural on the Demakes Family YMCA, a landmark which is visible from numerous vantage points throughout the downtown district.

The main source of inspiration for Dast’s artwork is shared, public space within a community. He transforms the physical and social landscape that he perceives into shapes and colors that aim to show the movement and essence of what happens around his murals. In Lynn, Dast represented the physical landscape of the nearby shoreline, a peaceful scene that is boosted by the social vibrancy that the YMCA has to offer for our community.

Dast’s work becomes an invitation to the imagination, and he invites viewers to step up to the challenge to discover meaning and feelings behind his abstracted compositions. Through his installation at the YMCA, youth will be able to have an even more colorful and playful place to learn, play, and explore.

Picture and description from Beyond Walls