Great Art Studio (GAS)



During scheduled events or by appointment


We are a powerful six cylinder engine fueled by years of creative collisions – and our tank is always full.

GAS (Great Art Studio) was born with one intent: to develop and support the relationships between local creatives, business owners and their communities. By fostering these exchanges and creating an open forum for collaboration, we make art and design approachable while delivering quality on the highest level.

We make the unimaginable possible. Unrestrained by labels, our diverse and dynamic team has a range of skills that allow us to seamlessly take your vision from ideation to realization. Whether it’s creating immersive installations or providing original artwork for your wall, we curate concepts that are site-specific. We take pride in resolving spatial and design challenges through our shared vision, and together we will delve deep into our collective curiosity to bring every idea to its full potential. 

This is creative collison!