Lynn Arts


The LynnArts building at 25 Exchange Street is part of the Historic Bank Block in Downtown Lynn. While it has retained some of its banking features–including bank vaults on the first and second floors–the building has functioned as an arts center for more than 25 years. Many know the building for the musical talent that has passed through its doorways when popular rock radio station WFNX called LynnArts home (1983-2012), while others know the building for the “Lynn Stories” mural, which beautifully captures the history of Lynn from its early shoemaking days through today. Learn more about the mural and the artists here.

In 2014, the Lynn Museum merged with LynnArts and currently owns and operates the building. LynnArts continues to celebrate and support the creative community in Lynn and the Greater North Shore, offering private studio space for contemporary artists, two gallery spaces, and the Neal Rantoul Black Box Theater.

Alex Melcher, Jazz Musician
Annette Sykes, Painter
Brian Shea, Painter
Charlene McGlame, Painter
Cultura Latina Dance Academy
Galleries at LynnArts
Grupo de AA Sobriedad Latina (Latin AA)
John Bakos, Painter
KC Pierce, Painter
Leslie Rosenberg, Painter
Lynn Main Streets
Lynn Music Foundation, Inc.
Neighbor to Neighbor
Nicole Werth, Designer & Painter
North Shore Music Center
Salam Abbas, Musician & Guitar Maker
Sasha Sheets, Nail Artist
Sheila Golden, Painter
The Brush and Fig
Threads 4 Care
Todd “Noble” Holloway, Tattoo Artist & Painter
Vania Arroyo, Makeup Artist & Photographer
VIA, Mixed Media Artist

To lease studio space, please go to for more information.

The galleries are available to rent for business and social events, such as showers, meetings, birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, and other special events. Please get in touch with or call 617-909-9211 for more information.

The Neal Rantoul Black Box Theater is also available to rent. Please get in touch with for more information

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