Transforming Lynn’s Bus Shelters Through Art: “Art on the Move” Initiative

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We are thrilled to announce an exciting public art project that will bring creativity and vibrancy to Lynn’s bus travel experience. The City of Lynn’s Public Art Commission (LPAC), in collaboration with the BostonBRT Initiative, presents “Art on the Move,” an innovative initiative to enhance selected bus shelters throughout the city. By infusing artistic elements into people’s daily routines, this project aims to spark curiosity, foster community pride, and draw attention to the planned improvements in bus services. Join us as we explore this transformative project’s vision, eligibility criteria, and timeline.

Project Vision: “Art on the Move” is a unique opportunity for artists to celebrate the theme of movement and journey through captivating designs on carefully selected bus shelters. The goal is to transform these structures into canvases of artistic expression, creating visually stimulating designs that engage viewers from different perspectives and modes of transportation. By incorporating art into their daily lives, we aim to inspire, create a sense of place, and foster a strong community spirit among Lynn’s residents and visitors.

Themes and Eligibility Criteria: We invite participating artists to develop designs that embrace the essence of mobility, regional connections, nature, sustainability, journeys, and community. Artists can apply individually or as part of a team, and applicants under the age of 18 must have permission from a legal guardian. All design concepts must be original and comply with the specified eligibility criteria.

Application Process and Timeline: To apply, interested artists must complete the provided application and submit it by 11:59 pm on Friday, July 28, 2023, to LaCrecia Thomson at City Hall.

A selection panel will review the proposed concepts based on creativity, relevance to the Lynn community, and alignment with the project’s goals. Selected artists can collaborate with Adrian Gill, founder of Ad Hoc Industries, to refine their designs and ensure their successful implementation. The project timeline includes key milestones, from the call for artists to the installation in September 2023.

a bus stop with a mural on it.
By Painted Lady Signs – Salem Ma.

Support and Recognition: The “Art on the Move” initiative receives generous support from ITDP and the Barr Foundation, highlighting the commitment of Lynn’s community to enhancing public spaces through art. By participating in this project, artists will receive a stipend and the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on Lynn’s artistic landscape, contributing to a sense of pride and cultural enrichment.

The “Art on the Move” project offers a remarkable platform for artists to showcase their talent, celebrate movement, and contribute to the vibrancy of Lynn’s bus shelters. This collaborative effort between LPAC and the BostonBRT Initiative aims to create captivating works of art that engage and inspire all who encounter them. We encourage artists to submit their original design concepts and be part of this transformative initiative. Let us bring art to life, foster community connections, and showcase Lynn’s vibrant cultural scene.

Download the entire call of art in English Here, to download in Spanish Here

To apply in English Click Here To Apply in Spanish Click Here

Stay tuned for updates as the “Art on the Move” project unfolds and Lynn’s bus shelters become vibrant canvases of artistic expression.