The City of Lynn is capitalizing on the vibrant diversity and unique concentration of arts organizations and businesses throughout the city, and in particular, the Downtown Lynn Cultural District with the launch of a new and improved website that will showcase all that the City of Lynn has to offer when it comes to the arts scene.

The website – – an initiative led by the City’s Arts & Culture Planner LaCrecia Thomson, provides residents and visitors with a comprehensive overview of the district’s arts and culture offerings. It is aimed to be an accessible, user-friendly platform designed to enrich visitors’ experiences, boost local tourism, and provide essential support to local businesses and creatives.

The Downtown Lynn Cultural District (DTLCD) is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood that is home to a wide range of Lynn’s arts and culture organizations. The website features a calendar of events, a directory of local businesses and institutions in the downtown, and an interactive map of the district.

“This new website is a significant piece of an overall rebranding and marketing of the Downtown Lynn Cultural District. The fresher image and energy of the new brand will allow us to better show off our vast cultural resources and highlight the personality and feel of Lynn. The goal of the rebrand is to not only elevate the solid foundation of arts and culture in the City, but also to change the narrative of Lynn by highlighting and embracing Lynn’s creatives, community and businesses.

City of Lynn Arts & Culture Planner LaCrecia Thomson

The website also features a section that will be regularly updated with news and information about the district’s arts and culture scene and resources for creators, such as artistic opportunities, grants, and how-to-rent event venues.

“We’re proud of the work that has gone into developing this project,” said Mayor Jared C. Nicholson. “This website is in alignment with our administration’s goals to enhance Lynn’s digital infrastructure, including the ongoing redesign of the City website. We hope this will encourage individuals to explore all Lynn has to offer.”

The City contracted with Creative Collective to help develop the new website, branding and marketing strategy for the Downtown Lynn Cultural District with funding from the state.

James Marsh, Director of the Office of Community Development for the City stated, “My office is happy to see the grant funding we received from both the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism, as well as the Massachusetts Gaming Commission for this initiative were put to great use. The funds from these organizations are specially geared towards promoting the City of Lynn, particularly the Cultural District, as a wonderful place to come and visit.”