Creative Collective Business Program

a collage of photos of people standing in front of a building.
a collage of photos of people standing in front of a building.
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Creative Collective connects the creative workforce and economic development through connected programs, technical assistance, consultancy, advocacy, and more.

The Pillars of Creative Collective

A business program that provides opportunities for small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, organizations, and individuals that are looking for a more modern and creative approach to business growth, facilitated connections and networking, and brand awareness.

Creative North Shore’s consumer-facing platform highlights the creative community, small businesses, events, and information on arts and culture happenings.

Our advocacy for equal pay for creative workers and better support for underserved and underrepresented small business owners. We strive to create more equitable and modern business practices that lead to more sustainable and inclusive communities. Take a moment and learn about our commitment to anti-racism, equity, and accessibility.

Our consultancy division combines all of the above pillars. The Collective manages and facilitates projects for municipalities, organizations, and businesses that understand the importance of creating better opportunities at the intersection of economic development and the creative workforce.

The Collective, its members, and its partners share a vision that thriving arts, culture, and creative sectors make the world a better place and support the sustainability of our communities and businesses.

Together we connect creativity, community, and commerce.

Gallery below photographed by Creative Collective
An enchanting ice sculpture illuminated by the soft glow of night. Delicate ice crystals glimmer in the darkness, creating a stunning and ethereal display of frozen art.
three women holding coffee cups and smiling for the camera.
a group of women standing next to each other.
a couple of women standing next to each other.
a group of people standing in a room.