Boba Tea & Snow Ice House

a table topped with lots of different types of drinks.
Photograph by Boba Tea


We are a small family own Boba Tea shop. Chhear Hang, the owner, founded Boba Tea & Snow Ice House in December of 2018. Our mission is to serve our Customers with Fresh and High-Quality ingredients. We serve Classic Tea, Milk Tea, Smoothies, Milk Foam, Fruit Tea, Yogurt, Snow Ice, Bubble Egg Waffle, Mochi, and Macaroon. We have a friendly staff who always has a smile on their face, ready to give our Customers an enjoyable experience. Come by and see us! We look forward to serving you soon.Boba tea, also known as bubble tea, is an increasingly popular beverage that originated in Taiwan. This tea drink consists of a concoction of brewed tea, creamy milk or syrup, and chewy black tapioca balls at the bottom. The unique texture and flavor of boba tea make it a fun and delicious treat for anyone looking for something new to try. This type of refreshing beverage has become in demand due to its natural sweet taste; plus the health benefits that come with it – there are no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The boba pearls can be substituted with other healthy alternatives such as jellies made from aloe vera or white rice paste. Additionally, boba tea provides significant amounts of calcium, which is beneficial for people who have difficulty obtaining sufficient levels through their diet. With so many varieties and flavors available, it’s no surprise why boba tea has become a favorite among all generations!
Opening Hours
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