Discover Downtown Lynn

The Downtown Lynn Cultural District is a thriving and inclusive cultural hub that celebrates and supports its local creators. Together we will co-create a welcoming place where everyone can find joy in our city's distinct art, culture, and history!

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Explore Top Destinations

Discover businesses and organizations that make up the Downtown Lynn Cultural District.
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Find the best bars and restaurants in the area and fall in love with your next favorite place.
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a mural on the side of a building with a woman's face painted on.

Public Art

Enjoy one of the many art installations across the city of Lynn!
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Creative Services / Organizations

Support the orgs that support Lynn.
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Share experiences with friends and family.
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Find the latest garb or home decor in the many shops in Lynn.
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a tall tower with a clock on top of it.

Green / Blue Spaces

Experience the outdoors at the landmarks, local parks, and ponds.
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Discover the rich history of Lynn, its architecture, and the people that helped create it.
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Discover the businesses and organizations that help the Lynn community.
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Enjoy a night out with friends and family at any one of the local theaters and/or music venues in the city.
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